Deep Breathing, Relaxation Meditation Class

Please note: A deal breaker for some singles is someone who talks most of the time and does very little listening on a date.  This can be a deal breaker on the first few dates. If you have the willingness you can break this habit!

Times: 7:00  – 8:30 PM

Dates:  Wednesday, 2/13 & 2/27*   Monday 2/11 & 2/18

Cost:  $20 per class or $15 per class when you prepay for 3 classes ($45).

Location: SW Portland   (Space is limited) RSVP & advance payment needed to save your spot

Popularity is growing for this class, so RSVP and kindly do not show up without an RSVP to be sure there is space.    Mail  check payable to: Dating Coach Donna, PO Box 25732, Portland, OR 97298-0732 or PayPal account:  ** PLEASE contact Donna for availability and to RSVP.

RSVP Required!  Call 503.421.2558 or email Donna


When your brain works right you work right!  You may exercise to keep your body in great shape; what do you do to protect and maximize your brain potential and “still” your mind?  People unknowingly endanger their brains, stress them by working at a frenzied pace and not getting enough sleep.  Dementia and Alzheimer’s are horrible diseases, but brain maintenance and meditation may help to achieve a healthy brain/mind.

Class Description:

Some people who practice the type of guided meditation I teach, grasp “quieting” the mind quicker than other meditation techniques. Some people experience a deeper level of happiness, deeper peace or experience more synchronicities in their life.  I healed my own digestive problems and adrenal fatigue through meditation!   Meditation can be life changing when you decide to change your mind, thoughts and make it a habit through practicing.

Attend any meditation class to learn the breathing techniques and the guided visualizations to get your mind in a state to slow down your thoughts. Next through my guided words I help you break apart thought patterns that are harmful to you and help you create new beliefs to download in your mind.


In addition to feeling more relaxed, increased awareness and deepened sense of peace this class can help change your beliefs or create new ones, to enhance an area in your life.  When a person is centered, in the present moment and at peace, they look so good!   


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