Donna give singles a totally different perspective in seeking a mate. She works individually to assist people who want to meet the “right one”.   She provides: information, feedback, accountability and ENCOURAGEMENT!   This process is non-threatening and can help you find Love!  The dating scene has changed and there is new information to know.  Coaching with Donna provides information to help you find a compatible partner and understand how others perceive you.  

Whether you want to “get the next relationship right” or find your life’s purpose or get healthier, Donna’s training and sincere desire helps people stop the negative thought patterns that get in your way.

Donna works with singles in a customized way to help get results in the search process to find a compatible partner.  Singles who have been out of the dating scene, need to learn the role of being single again. Donna will teach you what you don’t know about the process of finding someone. 

Insanitydoing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” by Albert Einstein

Some topics Donna can help you with through coaching are: 

  •  What are the real blocks and how you can obtain different results?
  •  Learn how to be effective in your partner search, communication and a successful profile.
  •  Learn to stop playing old sabotaging tapes in your head and have self-confidence.

Donna teaches skills to deepen your self-understanding, which helps to attract and connect to someone special.  Selecting a long-term partner is an important decision you will make in your life. There is more to finding that right partner than searching for a person with similar interests. If you’re serious about finding an ideal partner, Donna can help.

      For Info email:

Call or Text: 503.421.2558