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As a Dating/Relationship Coach, Donna helps singles find a compatible partner by working with you on communication skills, flirting, building confidence for newly single, help with  your online dating profile or take new photos.

 Online dating can provide amazing results if you present yourself well. Enhance your profile to attract someone who best matches your spirit, values and interests.

Donna can help overcome shyness, get you out on a fun date  for those rusty (good for feedback) or improve your communication skills.  Let Donna get involved with your online search and help write effective emails and learn to screen better. It’s vital to have good photos.

Not interested in online dating? Work with Donna to meet your partner other ways and become a magnet for a loving partner! 

 Interested in Coaching?

Contact Donna to schedule a 40-minute Intro session to learn how Donna can help you, obtain feedback on your photos and profile or questions you have. Phone, Skype Consultation or in person in NE Grant Park, Portland, OR Cost: $50

Use credit card or PayPal account and provide preferred date