Retrain Your Brain

Coaching to ReWire Your Brain for different outcomes

Whether you want to “get the next relationship right” or find your life’s purpose or get healthier, Donna’s training and sincere desire helps people stop the negative thought patterns that get in your way.   Your beliefs, attitude and thoughts about yourself play an important role in being successful in your partner search. Donna has completed over 250 hours of workshops and trainings by Neuroscientist, Dr. Joe Dispenza on how to rewire your brain and create a different reality.

Some topics Donna can help you with through coaching are:

  •  What are the real blocks and how you can obtain different results?
  •  Re-train your brain and stop playing old sabotaging tapes in your head.

      For Info email:

Call or Text: 503.421.2558

Interested in individual Consultation, contact Donna for more information.  Please share a brief overview of your needs.

Daytime, evenings and some Saturday appointments available.