Client Testimonials

“Working with Donna has been great! The extra 150 pounds were easier to lose then all the self-limiting beliefs I developed and carried around with it.  With her guidance, I’m learning how to evolve my brain to reflect my new reality and kick that old crap out! Her guided meditations are so powerful…” Paul, Portland

“Donna, I just started a new relationship, so I can tell you the skills I’ve learned from you thus far have paid off. Thanks so much. What you teach really does make a difference”… Lynn

“I am pleased to say that I will not be attending your Dating Class. I put into practice the lessons learned from the previous Online Dating and Profile class with you and I have met someone!”….  April

“I came to Donna a bit skeptical, at the urging of a friend.  She has a unique style mixing today’s relevancy while helping you understand yourself enough to plot a course and I was thoroughly engaged.  After just a few visits I saw tremendous improvement in my own awareness, focus, and direction.  I am a better person today having spent some time with Donna.

I recommend her to anyone who seeks a better understanding of themselves and wants to redirect or further align their bearings.   Spend one session with Donna and realize she will hold the flashlight for you as you take the next steps in your journey…”   Christopher Douglass, Vancouver, Wa

 “As a direct result from my Life Coaching sessions with Donna, the motivation and inner beliefs I changed, resulted in my losing 135 lbs!  Donna “helped give me my life back”. My entire life I have been extremely active, then gained the weight blocked me from meeting women.   Once I got healthy Donna did the online search for me and introduced me to 3 quality women in the first 8 days”…   Jim Hohn, Portland,OR

During our coaching sessions you opened my eyes to a totally different perspective in seeking a mate. I had found myself stuck in the same old rut and had gotten disenchanted and let down was seriously considering taking a break from the dating scene.  After a few sessions, Donna gave me a whole new perspective on what my needs were and how to go about finding the one that would more likely be able to fill those needs. Shortly after that I was able to meet the woman I will be marrying.

I would highly recommend to anyone interested in finding a compatible, fulfilling, long-term relationship to take the opportunity and look into the wisdom and logic Donna has to offer.  Colin G, McMinville, OR

Class Testimonials

Thank you for all the work in developing and presenting the singles seminar on Saturday. At the end, I found myself mentally fatigued, but aware of the fact that I need to more fully understand myself and the characteristics of the future partner that I am looking for. As you said, there’s a lot more to successful match making than finding someone with similar hobbies and interests.  Thanks again for the seminar….Clark W.

Your seminar was great, both in content and presentation. Probably the most valuable for me was your point of clarifying who I am and to be ready to articulate that. The exercises you had us do were simple and yet they covered the basics that we have to be equipped with when we take part in the adventure of finding our soul mate.

I really appreciate your warm easy presentation style. This job of finding a partner is not always an easy, comfortable task, but you brought up the aspects of humor, courtesy and how to give and accept the situation of “we aren’t a good match”. Thank you for having the vision to present this valuable information ….Mary Williams


Meditation Testimonials:

Thank you so much for the wonderful class. I had a moment during the class when I will call it a (spiritual moment. )The feeling has stayed with me.  I am going to bed so happy. That was the best feeling…  Janice Bowen, Portland

I attended Donna’s Meditation Retreat at a beautiful beach house.   From the moment we introduced one another it was an awesome experience.  We started out meditating only a few minutes and by the end of the day were up to almost 30 minutes of meditation.  The meditations were guided, visual, and consisted of relaxing music.  I have always had difficulty meditating but all of these methods certainly worked for me.  With Donna’s leadership, I believe that anyone can learn to meditate if they are willing to put in the time and effort.  Meditating helps you to center yourself and look inward.  I encourage anyone who has considered meditating to attend one of Donna’s retreats or class – you will definitely go home much more relaxed than when you arrived…Luce Ainsworth, Beaverton

Movie Testimonials

“The movie was terrific and Donna did a wonderful job of presenting insights into how to apply some of the theory in our everyday lives. Donna – you are a gift to all of us. Everyone seemed to enjoy the event.  It was relaxed, informative, and thought-provoking.  Hope you do this again soon with another inspirational and thoughtful movie”…. Anne

“Very informative & inspiring”….  Richard